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Afficher des miniatures avec MediaWiki/en

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For displaying a web site screenshot thumbnail with MediaWiki and automatically with Semantic_MediaWiki, you have to write the full external link image (ending with ".jpeg") provided by

You have to set true in your LocalSettings $wgAllowExternalImages

The syntax is simple :[url]@[size](.jpg)

where [url] is the url of the page to be displayed, example :

available sizes for the parameter [size] are :

  • 100x75
  • 120x90
  • 160x120
  • 180x135
  • 240x180
  • 320x240
  • 560x420
  • 640x480
  • 800x600



Including an external link



Using a semantic value with {{#show: ... }}

{{#show: Afficher des miniatures avec MediaWiki/en|?Miniature}}

Combining with the result format slideshow

 {{#ask: [[Catégorie:Installateur]]
 | ?Miniature
 | ?Apport
 | ?Application
 | ?Ville
 | ?Construit par
 | ?Protocole
 | limit = 60
 | format=slideshow
 | template=Result format revendeur
 | nav controls=no
 | sort=Protocole
 | delay=3
 | height=300px
 | width=1000px
 | effect=slide left

With the size 100x75



With the size 320x240



With the size 800x600